About Us

Meet Dennis and Teresa Weber. They have been married since July 1999 and lived in mid Michigan for most of their lives.
  Woodworking has always been a passion of Dennis' and he has been creating things for over two decades now. His interest in creating things started in middle/high school shop class. He would look at pictures and then create a plan to make something similar to that item.  After teaching Teresa more then  the basics that she learned from 4-H, as a girl, she's been enjoying helping to create things for over a decade now. After a few years of making several things for others, Dennis' hobby started the business, and it's grown every year. This business is a teamwork of Dennis being the mastermind of bringing  to life an idea and Teresa doing some of the finishing work to complete an exquisite piece.  

"There are so many beautiful kinds of wood. I really enjoy the process that it takes to create a piece. It's thrilling to see how woods compliment each other as the design takes shape, but it's the completed project that gives the ultimate satisfaction.  You never really know what a piece will look like until it's finished.  God is truly the Master of creation with the beautiful trees He grows. We feel blessed that He's given us this gift to share with others." -Dennis

Dennis' passion lies with creating the custom pieces. He makes up drawings, if needed, to figure how much wood a project will take and how to build it. After he builds it the finishing is split between both Dennis and Teresa. The more pieces they create, the more they enjoy it. A CNC machine is becoming one of the most used machines in the business. Teresa loves to use her creativity to design plaques and signs. Combining two items to make them carve correctly can be QUIE time consuming as well as challenging. When all is said and done, every recipient is VERY pleased.

Wood turning is something that they've really enjoyed starting over the past several years. Using a wood lathe, wood turning tools, and a piece of wood, there have been some amazing pieces of art come from their house. Although Dennis enjoys turning, he's usually otherwise occupied with another project, leaving most of it for Teresa to create. "The more you turn, the more you like it; it's addicting! There are so many things I would love to try to make. It's amazing what a plain piece of wood looks like as you turn it down." -Teresa 

Even though Teresa loves to turn, she doesn't get as much time to do so as she would like. She's usually busy with one of their four children. Three girls and a boy are all learning the art of woodworking at a very young age. They love to go "help" and have also acquired the love of building things. Fine woodworking can be hard to come by and it's great that another generation is learning this art form.