Pen Plating Information

Pens and Plating

With so many different kinds of plating to choose from be sure to review the information below so you know which one is right for you.

Each type of plating has a wear resistance rating that indicates the durability and longevity of it.  The more stars, the better the durability of the plating.  The higher ratings are normally found on the more expensive pens.

Rhodium- Platinum Series *****

Possibly nature’s most brilliant and durable precious metal; Rhodium is used by the world's premier pen manufacturers to plate their very finest pens.  Rhodium is a member of the Platinum precious metals family and can sell of as much as $1,200.00 per troy ounce.

Chrome ****

 Chrome is an extremely long wearing plating capable of resisting everyday wear and tear.  High recommended for key rings and pens.  Chrome gives a shiny, rich look at an economy price.

 10k Gold ***

 This popular plating blends hard nickel and the beauty of gold together to form a brilliant plating that is durable and affordable.

 24k Gold **

 The pens feature a thick layer of 24k gold plating that significantly increases the average life of the pen.  As 24k gold is naturally soft and wears quickly, our pens feature a durable epoxy layer on top of the bold plating to increase wear resistance.