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Steamer Trunk

Dennis has an awesome opportunity to be featured on the show Hand Crafted America with host Jill Wagner on October 13, 2017. He had a lot of fun showing  Jill how he makes a steamer trunk.

This trunk is made of maple, with the entire inside of the box lined with aromatic cedar. There will be a stain that will be applied before it's finished.

The lighter trunk is oak on the outside, with aromatic cedar lining the box. There are also two removable boxes that sit on the inside to hold smaller pieces of memorabilia. This has a shallower arch on the top and has brass hardware.

 The arched top, distressed finish, and antique brass hardware give this Steamer Trunk that heirloom quality. This piece's outer box is maple and is lined with Aromatic Cedar. There are two removable drawers, that rest on an inside ledge, also made from Aromatic Cedar. The inside of lid contains a small plaque that was personalized, as it was a graduation gift from this girl's parents.

This steamer trunk is oak and lined with Aromatic Cedar and has antique brass          hardware. The flat top allows use for displaying a quilt, pillows, or other decorative pieces. To complete this simple but dimensional piece, it has medium walnut stain used with a satin polyurethane finish.