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Beds can be such a hassle to get something that fits into your available space, or find just what you'd like. We create what you want and need, if we are able. Let us know what what you're looking for with a photo or two or three. We combine your favorite parts to get exactly what you're looking for. A drawing is made so you can approve or change what you'd like to get what you desire.

This bunk bed is made of ash with walnut spindles and handles. There are four drawers on both sides of the bottom bunk allowing the bed to be placed in more than one spot and still be fully accessible. There are also drawers under each of the four steps, allowing a lot more storage capacity.

Another alternative to this particular bed is to have a ladder on the end instead of steps  or have a trundle bed under the bottom instead of the drawers.

These two beds are for the same
customer. Symmetry is a key to
these. A wall that needs to not be
covered made having a trundle a
The bunk bed has two functional
drawers on the bottom. The ladder
is also incorporated into the frame
instead of being separate, as is the

This maple piece is a twin XL over a queen futon. The steps on the right are attached and fully functional. This piece has a Salem Maple stain applied before its finished.