CNC Work

The CNC machine uses a computer program to run a router that can create intricately detailed work. This can create anything from simple carved words and pictures to multi-dimensional designs with intricacies that demand a second look. It's pretty amazing at what people have designed and what we can create using our imaginations and some computer files.

This is a 12" walnut communion plate. It could be used as a plate, wall decor or simply displayed on a  shelf.  It has been finished with a food safe finish, but to protect your piece, it is NOT dishwasher safe.  Cost is $60.00

This is an Ambrosia Maple communion plate, like the one above. Here's a close up of the 3d carving of the praying hands.

This beautiful 3D carving of woods and a valley with mountains in the background is carved in Ribbon Striped African Mahogany and is beautifully framed in plain maple. Approximate size of this carving is 13 1/2" x 11 1/2". Cost is $60.00

Here is great carving of the famous "The Last Supper." This picture is carved in maple and beautifully framed in walnut.  Approximate size is 15" x 9". Cost is $60.00

This is a curly maple Keepsake Box that Dennis designed.  It has roses on all four sides with flowers, butterflies, and "Morgan's Keepsakes" carved on top.  The "Morgan's Keepsakes" can become any phrase and/or personalized for your special someone, as  can all of the pictures. From all sports, cheerleading, music and racing to ballet, sewing, teddy bears and cooking; we have something for everyone. We can use a lot of different clip art or jpeg files to make your own box special.

This was a graduation gift for a very dear friend. This amazing girl loves peace signs and this is her life's verse, so we combined the two.

True American Hero

We have created a way to honor those that serve to keep us safe.

These personalized Fire Department plaques have the last name and city where the fire fighter served/serves carved into an eight inch 3 dimensional picture.

They make great gifts for retirements, birthdays, Father's Day, Veteran's Day, Christmas, or just because!

Our plaques are made of maple and framed it in contrasting wood. However, we have done a darker maple
frame that also looked sharp. We'll make yours to your specifications.

plaque is framed in Padauk.   Please let us know what Name and city that you would like on your plaque.  Approximate size is 12" x 12", cost is $60.00

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